Ticketing System (Unlimited Change Management System-UCMS)

Unlimited Change Management System has been created flawless by Kamyar Electronic Group, The UCMS not only delivers Special vendor services but also caters to the needs of every departments such as (Network Operation Centers, IT, Help Desk and Etc.) for any type requests (Trouble Tickets, Change Requests, Work Orders and Customer Complaint Tickets).

The UCMS has been officially launched in the third mobile phone network operator of Iran (RighTel) for over a year.

1) Trouble Ticket:
  Use ticket system to follow each case, including
  internal communication between technicians.
  Each case is assigned a unique case ID.
  Each case goes through a similar life cycle.

a) Create Trouble Ticket
b)AssociatedTrouble Ticket
c) Record Time
d) Update
e) Finish

2) Change Request:
3) Work Order:
4) Customer Support Ticket:

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SMS and Email Notifications

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